PST-SUN Season 22 Power Rankings

Forrest Ashmore
3 min readJan 4, 2021


Aight, clearly we need some real content in here. Don’t take the tier names that seriously, I ended up with like half the teams in the bottom tier and then had to start pushing a bunch up, so really the names don’t make a lot of sense. Some teams are playoff bound purely because idk who the fuck else could possibly make playoffs in this cursed ass season. Teams within the tiers also not necessarily in any particular order. Anyway, here’s the deal:

Playoff Bound:

bsvslkdg: Only friendstack that doesn’t look like an utter dumpster fire. Clear roles, no problematic players as far as I know, Treyn owns. If they don’t make playoffs something is seriously wrong here.

Steven: Steven known for being able to absorb staylin mald with his indomitable positivity, Rhyzerz probably slightly sandbagged, Kabo owns. Can’t believe I’m putting a saltpork team this high honestly.

Gronaldo: Picked up some decently high MMR players for his draft slot, and only at the cost of last picking Joker, who’s known to be a halfway decent dead weight player. Fallen is a consistent strong core player (though he seems to mald sometimes), skia+scoliosis look solid.

Jabinki: Slightly worse version of bsv’s team I think, but everyone’s a known quantity without having massive role/MMR issues. Unlikely to fail.


Thrillhouse: Honestly I just put em here cuz they don’t look terrible MMR/role wise, I literally know none of these players sorry

Doomcow: They get bonus points for friendstack power. Narte carry kinda a big question mark. Would definitely be down a tier but if I did that everyone would be bottom 2 tiers.

Vel: Kinda the same as DC team, but way more topheavy. Should make playoffs just off Vel going 1 man army, but Vel is surprisingly unreliable at pulling this off considering the heroes he plays, so you never know.

Rabisu: Honestly whenever an unknown captain grabs an unknown player that’s slightly lower MMR than the other options available I get kinda nervous. Possibly just let 2 smurfs in, woops. Mason+Ripley round out the team nicely. Only down here cuz there’s some chance they just get banned.

Dark Horses:

Burgeoning: Really the only thing that’s a question mark is whether or not Odyssey even shows up. The rest of the team is irrelevant.

Zend: Solid MMR-wise but they definitely have some question marks when it comes to roles. I think vktr is playing offrole?

Forest Bear: I think these kind of teams are generally pretty promising because they don’t have weak links. Not this team specifically, but a team with like, pretty much any other stack of ancient players.

Neku: Emu’s not bad, not really sure about the rest of the team though. Decent chance he carries enough games by himself to make playoffs regardless.

CRAP: I literally forgot they existed, woops. Highest mmr being an unknown quantity + also not being that high makes me not super excited, but everyone else seems cool.

Abandon All Hope:

Waifu: I‘m pretty sure anyone who ranked this team highly just looked at Waifu and Doof and somehow magically ignored the rest of the team.

Pneuma: I’ve already heard rumors of team drama, currently top of my list for early disband. Not nearly as bad as some teams we’ve had though.

MJJ: Dopeman is an unknown, Mango is utterly useless on not-LD, Schuzor dive is a little wack. Could be easily middle of the pack, but definitely one of the worst looking teams with an immortal.

StonedSpirit: Kinda the same as MJJ, but with a worse first pick. Love Zoompa, but he’s not solo carrying you guys.

MOCA: Putting my team in the traditional location. But really, after looking at a lotta these teams, I’m pretty sure I can drag these idiots to playoffs.

Either way, I’ve got a plan.